There are some places which instantly make you feel right at home! For us, ह-tea The Tea Hut Ludhiana at Sarabha Nagar is that place. A chance discovery while we were on the look out for a quaint place to just sit down and work in August, ह-tea soon became our darling and how! And if you still haven’t visited The Tea Hut, Gedhi Route assure you by the end of this read you’d have already made a plan to chill there!

Let’s talk about the ‘Vatavaran’ first

Bahar ki Duniya

ह-tea The Tea Hut Ludhiana

The minute you enter the premises, you are reminded of the rustic chai tapris courtesy the hay and wood laden ‘redhi’ stacked with our childhood favourite Parle-G biscuits. If you love outdoor seating, then shift your focus a little towards left and you’ll spot a minimalistic space done up in white pebble stones and tree stump furniture. Sounds like the perfect seating for winters!!

The Vatavaran Inside

The creators have put in a lot of thought in designing this place and it reflects in each and everything, even in their menu design. An eclectic mix of wooden furniture with a rustic touch, flower pots and some wall scribblings, the place is airy, spacious and gives off a very homely vibe. A corner of the place is designed as an open stage where anyone with any sort of talent to display can come and perform ! Artists, you better be listening!

ह-tea The Tea Hut Ludhiana

The seating is limited for about 50 people. We loved its minimalistic décor. On one side you can see high chairs and tables, comfortable couches, and on the other you can see tables and high Gaddis. The seating mix makes it all the more lovable. The shelves are adorned with colorful teapots and small chai glasses. A few plants provide the much required dash of greenery.

You will get how casual the place is as soon as you sit down. They serve water in a brass pot cum kettle and you are supposed to drink water through that Kettle opening(not a compulsion though). It’s way cooler than it sounds.

ह-tea The Tea Hut Ludhiana

This is Ludhiana’s first Tea Bar and their bar speaks for itself. Laden with ingredients for mocktails and glass jars full of cookies, Jam and Atta biscuits, puff biscuits, it even gives off a Parsi chai place vibe. You have got to see to feel it (*wink*)

Chai Pe Charcha

ह-tea The Tea Hut Ludhiana

But obviously, Chai is the USP of this place. Over 30 variations of tea are available here with Assam, Darjeeling, Green tea, Oolong and so much more in its hot tea section. Iced teas, Coffees and Mojitos are pretty refreshing here as well but our loyalties lie with the Masala Chai from their #GediBaaz section. After all Chai Pe Charcha is a must! All the teas here are served with a cute pack of Parle-G biscuits. What adds character to the whole experience are the quirky colour teapots. You can choose between ‘Nikka Pot’ and ‘Pot’ depending on the number of people on the table.

Khana Khakr Jana!

ह-tea The Tea Hut Ludhiana

The menu is crafted to appeal to all kinds of food lovers. From typical chai snacks like Bun Maska, Pakoras, Maggie, healthy snacks like Sprouts, Khakhra to tummy filling decadent pizzas and omelets, they have it all. The place doesn’t serve chicken, only vegetarian and egg dishes.

#OurRecommendation: Bun Maska, Cucumber Khakhra, Tadka Maggie, Cheese Vada Pav, Egg Ghotala

ह-tea The Tea Hut Ludhiana

#GedhiTip: The playlist here appeals to everyone… They play unplugged versions of Bollywood tracks so if you’re into Bollywood nostalgia, this one is for you.

Who is The Tea Hut for? 

ह-tea The Tea Hut Ludhiana

Finally Ludhiana has a place that is for everyone, irrespective of their age. You can come here with your family, friends, even your grandparents. Its the best place for everyone to just be themselves and relax. Whether you are looking for a place to sit down and work (yup, we have done that a lot!) or are an artist looking for a place to perform, this comfortable haven is the place to be!


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