Imagine! One fine day, you open your door to find a box at your doorstep, filled with the love of books! Now that we have addressed the pet lover in you, lets move on to pleasing the book lover inside you!
This ultimate bookworm’s fantasy is not just a fantasy anymore, courtesy The Big Book Box. Before you ask, Yes, they deliver in Ludhiana. Gedhi Route deciphers exactly what The Big Book Box is about and why should you subscribe to it:

The big book box gedhi route ludhiana

What is The Big Book Box?

Big Book Box is an online store that is literally selling love that comes in various shapes and sizes, with various contents and prices.
Each box that they assemble has at least three books, selected goodies that go along with the picked reads and coffee of your choice. You can get a box every month though they offer quarterly and yearly subscriptions as well, depending on your choice and reading habits.

The big book box gedhi route ludhiana

The Subscription Box Options – Take your pick from Expresso, Cappuccino and Café Mocha

The contents of each box are carefully chosen. You can choose if you want Espresso, Cappuccino or Café Mocha. The books offer variety yet make for a wholesome reading experience. The number of books in a box depends on your subscription. There are generally 4 to 5 goodies that include collectibles, accessories, stationary and other surprise treats customized especially for the chosen books. Each and everything in these boxes is a pure eye-candy. You can check out the subscription plans here and subscribe.

The big book box gedhi route ludhiana

Make way for some special edition boxes!

Apart from these subscriptions, they have special boxes too. For example, there is a Harry Potter fandom box—with books and goodies for Harry Potter fans, the Travel box—one of the most popular special boxes for those who like to travel and explore new places. Currently, they also have a special edition Jane Austen box. Any time of the year, you can find different discount offers that are too good to miss.

The big book box gedhi route ludhiana

Instagram your way through The Big Book Box

These generous peeps at Big Book Box fill your next box with extra goodies if you Instagram a photo of your box. Everything that they send is so beautiful that you can’t go without Instagramming it anyway.

The big book box gedhi route ludhiana

So, Basically….

Their website also has gossips, updates, and competitions that are all about an immense love for books.
So visit their page now and subscribe to a box-full of love delivered to your doorstep!


Picture Courtesy: The Big Book Box

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