From honing dancing skills to developing intellectual abilities, Gedhi Route has come up with a list of summer camps in Ludhiana that covers numerous interests and age groups. Take your pick from this list.

  1. The Learning Cafe

    Around the world, Mysteries of Space, Famous personalities and Incredible India are some of the topics that will be covered over a period of 4 weeks, through the innovative method of flashcards. The activities strengthen the academic base for geography, science, language and general knowledge. Take a look at the schedule and choose the classes.
    When: Ongoing, activities vary from a week to 2 weeks (till June 16)
    Where: 65 Modi Enclave, Barewal Road, Opposite Grand Walk Mall
    Age Group: 4 to 11 years
    Contact: +91 9815133388
    For more details, please click here.


    summer camp ludhiana

    The Learning Cafe uses flashcards to develop the intellectual abilities of your child

  2. Steady Steps

    Pirates of the Sea in week 1 will introduce kids to the life of pirates, survival at sea and a treasure hunt. Week 2 with Adventure Island will teach kids the meaning of animal and bird extinction, introduce them to extinct species and guide them to fight extinction. Along with these activities will be Speech & Drama classes and Lego education for kids aged between 3-12 years.
    When: June 1 – June 15
    Where: Steady Steps
    Age Group: 1.5 to 12 years
    Contact: +91 8968854459 for more details

  3. Digital Paathshala

    summer camp ludhiana

    The highlight of Digital Paathshala’s course is the Mark Zuckerberg Club and the Photography Course

    Moving away from regular courses, Digital Paathshala is taking basic website development (Mark Zuckerberg Club), photography, video gaming, aptitude enhancement, reading and writing improvement classes, to name a few. All these activities cater to different age groups. Please consult the institute to choose the best activities for your child.
    When: June 1 – June 15
    Where: Digital Paathshala
    Age Group: 5 to 17 years
    Contact: +91 9815047869
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  4. Seymour by Ecstasy Dance Studio & Little Laurels

    If your child shows an aptitude for dance and dramatics, Seymour would be the perfect summer camp. A workshop with an edge,  Seymour offers a plethora of activities ranging from dancing, footwork, extempore, stage framework and chocolate meditation followed by a grand finale on June 17th to showcase the kids’ talent. Sounds a whole lot of fun!
    When: May 31 – June 16
    Where: Ecstasy Dance Studio by Gautam
    Age Group: 4 to 14 years
    Contact: +91 9888206852, +91 8528800008
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  5. Kitchen Wonders by Chef Hitesh

    Your child loves watching Masterchef Junior and spends a better half of his day following you around and helping in the kitchen, we have the perfect recommendation for him; the Junior Chefs class at Kitchen Wonders by Chef Hitesh. From learning the basics of the kitchen, making dishes to visiting a professional kitchen of a popular restaurant, your child will get to see it all.
    When: June 1- June 3 (7-10-year-olds), June 8-June 10 (11-15-year-olds)
    Where: Adjoining Kipps Mart, Sarabha Nagar
    Age Group: 7-15
    Contact: +91 9915222201
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    Your child can learn a lot about life skills through cooking.

  6. Summer Music Workshop by Arpeggios Music Factory

    Be it a beginner or an intermediate music learner, Arpeggios has designed a summer workshop appropriate to fit in all the needs of a budding musician. With instruments like Guitar, Drums, Piano and Keyboard for the beginner course and secondary instruments apart from the primary instruments mentioned formerly for the intermediate course, this a pretty focused summer camp.
    When: June 1 – June 15
    Where: Arpeggios Music Factory
    Age Group: 6+
    Contact: +91 9855197715
    To register, or get more information click here.

  7. Multi activity Summer Camp by Monika Aggarwal (Balaji Creations)

    Awarded with the Global Achievers Forum award for the best in class hobby classes for cooking, Monika Aggarwal has come up with a multi-activity summer camp which involves cooking (without fire), pot painting, crafts, Pastel and Oil Arts and loads of other activities. So if your child shows a lot of interest in the kitchen or loves painting the house walls, this camp would be perfect for him.
    When: June 1 – June 10
    Where: #105, Pucheel Vihar -2, Near Magnet Resorts, Barewal Road, Near MBD Mall
    Age Group: 4+ – 14
    Contact: +91 9646610735, +91 8847006671
    For more details, please click here.

  8. Ishmeet Singh Music Institute

    Dedicated to cultural arts and personality development, the summer crash course is for your theatrical prodigy. Enhance your child’s musical abilities by enrolling him in singing or instrument classes. And if dancing and personality development( acting and makeup) is what you seek, the institute offers that as well.
    When: June 2 – July 5 (3 different batches)
    Where: Ishmeet Singh Music Institute
    Age Group: Age no bar
    Contact: +91 8968321000
    For more details, please click here.

    summer camp ludhiana

    Your child can take up learning to play instruments during this course

    Picture courtesy: Kidz Central Station,, Shutterstock, Amalelingue, Kidspot

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