This what a Sushi craving feels like! Just as you put your eyes on the rainbow decked on the wooden boards with the white rice , green wasabi , brown ginger and all coloured sashimi your tongue is bound to role down and thoughts of setting a bite rolling up your tongue plague your mind. Ludhiana serves the craving yet again. Before revealing the hosts, let’s clear up some things first. Sushi is not raw fish!!you are thinking of sashimi.  Sushi is vinegared rice topped with other ingredients. The rice is fermented covered by dried seaweed known as Nuri. Sushi was actually the 19th century equivalent of McDonald’s drive through.  Are you loving it? Head out to these joints for the Best Sushi in Ludhiana, Gedhi Route totally recommends:

Wok Singh

The inside out turning and literally prepared California roll is a must have delicacy for the vegetarians here, containing Cucumber and Avocados. For the non vegetarians chicken teriyaki with its delicate pieces swimming in the sauce and spicy salmon with its spices make this place an Indian homage to Japanese culture.

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Martini In The Clouds

If you are in the mood for some amazing sushi with a presentation and ambience that’d make you want to go back for more, Martini in the Clouds is the place to be. Small heads up, we prefer having vegetarian sushi here. The wasabi is yum yum yum!

The Bruu Kiln

The latest restaurant to join the Sushi bandwagon is The Bruu Kiln. The beautifully prepared, delicately wrapped in Salmon, is our go-to Sushi order here. They have an extensive menu, so choose your favourite after trying all of them!

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The Upperhousee

This is one of the first places in Ludhiana to have had Sushi. Available only during their Winter Brunch season, the Sushi became such a hit that they introduced it as a full fledged section in their menu. We love all of their Sushi, try it to believe us!

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Sweet asparagus at the height of spring especially as a tempura is hard to top. With the fluffy delicacy for the vegetarians,salmon is the weapon of choosing of this restaurant. With Salmon California and salmon tamale to compete ,this restaurant leaves no stone unturned for its quality and preparation. 


No, this is not the Taylor swift album . RED by Raddison serves avocado maki , the cylindrical pieces of vinegared rice and maguro nigiri , sushi distinctive by the wasabi and single topping draped over it. If you want the soul of pure Japan, RED is the place to city red with.

Kitchen at 95 at Hyatt Regency

Battered and deep fried in love and well oil obviously , Hyatt offers mix veg tempura for the plant lovers and prawn tempura for the animal lovers.

Orient Blade

With just as sharp a knife in the kitchen as its name , park plaza offers California rolls with the sticky rice on the outside and Nuri on the inside.  Since they can’t ignore the non vegetarians,  uramaki with the same inside out but with meat assortments is served.


Taking the totally can’t be pronounced trophy home today- this restaurant serves Tseukemono which is pickled Japanese radish and crispy and chewy sesame shiitake for the vegetarians and Philadelphia and smoked salmon along with dragon roll.