While we have been busy binge-watching our favourite series, this Punjabi web series made its debut and took the world by storm. A seven-episode web series, Sleepless Nights happens to be the first web series in Punjabi. Did we mention it has an IMDb rating of 9.0/10?

Why it gave us ‘sleepless nights’?

Well TBH, when I first started watching it I assumed it to be like any other web series these days but I was wrong and how! With a young adventurous couple, Shefali and Bunny, as protagonists, the story traces their journey over 4 sleepless nights. It takes off on a romantic note but soon takes a nightmarish turn. Every episode unfolds a different characteristic of Shefali, from affectionate to dominating and then suicidal. This leads to Bunny facing a lot of extremities to save his relationship. Add to that a comic twist with a web of lies, panic-stricken parents and the gorgeous, homely backdrops of Amritsar and Jalandhar. Needless to say, every episode ends on a cliffhanger which gives Bunny, Shefali and the viewers sleepless nights.

Sleepless nights web series post image 1

Surleen Kaur (Shefali) and Varun Singh Chawla (Bunny) in a still from the series.

What sets it apart?

The punjabi web series deals with a lot of relevant everyday issues. From showing the no shave November trend, the obvious Gedhi on a Bullet, irresponsibility associated with financial independence, impatience, impulsiveness and the hampering results of communication gap between parents and children, the series has shed light on everything. The direction, story and characterisation is commendable. And because this is distributed by White Hill production how can it lack amazing music. The track ‘Chann Kithan Guzari Aayi‘ with its catchy beats became very popular. In case you have missed it, you can watch it here.

Watch the trailer here:

To catch the 1st episode of the web series, click here.

So basically if you love going on Gedhis on your beloved Bullt, have a soft corner for your mother tongue and want to watch a web series with a fresher take on everyday life, Sleepless Nights deserves a watch….

Picture Courtesy: Dev Talkies