If you are looking for the destination of your pre-wedding shoot, I know that Delhi is the first place that pops up in your mind.  It is just a few hours away and has got amazing sites to get those perfect couple shots that you want. But the question is—where in Delhi? Because there are so many different locations with different settings and different budgets to choose from.

LBB and WedMeGood are telling us about the best places in Delhi for the perfect pre-wedding shoot that you have been dreaming of. Just click on the names provided below, browse these great locations through Google Maps and choose what suits you best!

The Perfect Location

Located Sector 27C, Faridabad, they are an outdoor shooting studio with an extensive catalogue of facilities provided and a myriad of backgrounds and props to choose from. Whether you want a royal setting, an outdoor picnic, a gangster-style shoot or just something funky, name it and you’ll get it here.

They also provide makeup and dressing room even for outdoor shoots and ensure the most comfortable environment for their clients. Check them out here.

Pre-wedding shoot locations

Picture Courtesy: Gaurav Sethi Photography

Tikli Bottom

Tikli Bottom is a Lutyens style Indian-haveli-turned guesthouse situated 50 kms off Delhi in Gurugram, Haryana. The guesthouse itself is very beautiful, for a photoshoot as well as a stay-over. It has expansive lawns and a swimming pool with a backdrop of gorgeous architecture. Not just that, it has the best of nature. In this place, you would find an enchanting blend of an English country yard, an Indian haveli, a fun pool and the best of nature—giving you some timeless clicks to cherish forever.

Pre-wedding shoot locations

Picture Courtesy: Studio Kelly Photography

Lodhi Art District

This entire area is adorned with beautiful, colourful murals. The murals here are well-conceptualised, which adds character to your photoshoot, depending on what your backdrop is about.

It is a public property so you don’t even have to pay or seek permission for the venue.

Pre-wedding shoot locations

Picture Courtesy: Shiv Sharma Photography

The Roseate

The roseate is one of the most beautiful places one can find in Delhi. This luxury hotel has a landscape of refreshing greenery mixing with tranquil water bodies that sprawl throughout the area, with gorgeous architecture in the background. Indoors are equally beautiful and lavishly decorated.

Though it is quite expensive, you’ll never come back disappointed. It accepts booking for pre-wedding shoots online and through the phone.

Pre-wedding shoot locations

Picture Courtesy: Hitched & Clicked 

Hauz Khas Village

At HKV, you have lakes and gardens and a fort—all of which looks amazing in pictures. The ruins of the stone fort and its by-lanes give a timeless vibe to your pictures. You can play with the angles, the poses and take your time without worrying about the cost of venue. You can also use the  beautiful deer park behind it if you are quite enough.

Pre-wedding shoot locations

Picture Courtesy: The Wed Cafe – by Rajesh Luthra

Connaught Place

At CP, you have the serene British architecture that looks modern yet classy. The place has different vibes during day time and night time. With some extra efforts, you can turn a casual   photoshoot into a themed shoot because nothing would seem out of place at CP. You won’t find a lot of crowd at the place and the environment is also very comfortable, you just need to figure out what hours and what day.

Pre-wedding shoot locations

ITC Grand Bharat

Of all the ITC hotels, the ITC Grand Bharat Hotel situated in Gurgaon is the most royal you would have ever seen. It looks like a huge palace straight out of a Rajput legend. Whether you click a shot by the pool, inside the public areas, right outside the main complex or keep the palace as a distant background, the royal vibe would come popping up from every grain of your pictures. The grandeur of this place is larger than life, though it comes with a cost—after all, it’s ITC Grand Bharat.

Pre-wedding shoot locations

Picture Courtesy: Morvi Images 

National Rail Museum

Though unlikely it might sound, but this place is perfect for an old-school romantic photoshoot. The old models of maharaja-style trains and engines kept there amidst lush greenery provide the perfect background for a vintage photoshoot that would have otherwise burnt a hole in your pocket.

Pre-wedding shoot locations

Picture Courtesy: Shades Photography

The Picture Destination

If you want to be pampered throughout the shoot with nothing to worry about, this is the place to go. The Picture Destination not only has a number of backdrops and themes to choose from, they also provide a make-up artist at hand for flawless touch-ups, a stylist to make sure your clothes are always on point and the entire environment that makes you feel like a diva.

If you are hunting for a last minute photoshoot, this is the place to go!

Pre-wedding shoot locations

Picture Courtesy: Foto Bar and Picture Destination

Tarudhan Valley Golf Resort

This place has huge pools and lush landscapes sprawling over acres, lined with exotic golf homes. It provides the perfect setting for a classy, fairy-tale like photoshoot that against a luxurious background. It is perfect for videos as well.

It is situated in Manesar, half an hour from Gurgaon.

Pre-wedding shoot locations


Content Courtesy: LBB and WedMeGood

Have more locations to add to the list? Drop in your suggestions in the comments section below!

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