Denying an unconditional love for food is something no self-respecting punjabi can ever be accused of!

Amritsar leads Punjab’s culinary hub from the front. Apart from being home to the iconic ‘Golden Temple’, home of the biggest community kitchen in the world, it’s a hotspot of all flavours that Punjab can offer.
Gedhi Route has made a suggested food trail of 24 hours for you, listing the best places to eat in Amritsar, so that you don’t miss out on any of the legends the city has to offer:


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For authentic “Amritsari Kulcha” for breakfast, head straight to Maqbool Road to a shack called “All India Famous Amritsari Kulcha” and devour their Chole with freshly made Kulcha.

A great way to kick start your day would be at Kanha Sweets (Lawrence Road) with their delicious Puri-Chole. However, if you’re on the lookout for authentic “Amritsari Kulcha” for breakfast, then we head straight to Maqbool Road to a shack called “All India Famous Amritsari Kulcha” and devour their Chole with freshly made Kulcha.
Breakfast wouldn’t be complete without the special Masala Chai at Giani Tea Stall (Cooper road).


You could substitute your lunch for a king-size glass of Meethi Lassi at Ahuja Milk Bhandar (B.K Dutt Gate), though I must give you a heads up: it’s topped up with a generous amount of malai.
However, if proper lunch is what you’re looking for, head straight to Chowk Passian and pay a visit to Amritsar’s perpetually famous “Kesar Da Dhaba”. Though I must admit, it’s worth the hype. The “Special Thali” along with their delicious Phirni is our recommendation.

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Behind the scenes at the Kesar Da Dhabha. Look at the copious amounts of food

Tea & Snacks:

Evening tea tastes better with fresh pakoras or sweets. If you have the time (and appetite), head to Gurudas Ram Jalebi Wala (Katra Ahluwalia) for their fresh, crunchy and sugar-dripping jalebis, or head to Bansal Sweets (Lawrence Road) for their celebrated motichoor laddoos. If you liked the morning tea at Giani’s, you could also head there for their generous plate of paneer pakoras.


Meat lovers, don’t worry you’re not going to be left out. Head to Pal Dhaba (Hathi Gate) and call for any of their mutton dishes with keema naan. You get delicious dal-makhani here as well.

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If you aren’t a fish lover do give the Tandoori chicken a try at Makhan’s. The Dal Makhani also won our hearts.

The famed “Amritsari tandoori fish” can be found at Makhan Fish and Chicken corner (Majitha Road) where they still strictly follow a two-generation old family recipe that brought them the fame.

The best way to end your culinary day would be at Ram Lubhaiya & Sons Aam Papad Wala (Lawrence Road) with their tangy Imli Gola and the famous Aam papad.
Surely this food trail has made you hungry and you know what to do! Take the culinary tour to Amritsar & come back with a few extra calories that you’ll never regret.

Picture Courtesy:, Kesar Da Dhabha,, Bharawan Da Dhaba