Mystery Rooms Ludhiana is the city’s first live escape game experience. Giving life to the popular online version of “Escape the Room” games, the players are locked inside a room of their choice for an hour. The trick here is to solve the mystery within 60 mins and escape the room and in case you don’t, well there’s always a next time.

Why go there?

There is no dearth of places to chill in Ludhiana, but how many of them let you bond with friends or family and spend some real time with them. Mystery Room bridges that gap. Different from the usual dining and dancing, the place is the coolest shizz in town.
Fair warning– They haven’t underestimated your brains while planning and placing the cues. Don’t take it as a child’s play.

Choose your theme wisely:

  • The Hurt Locker
    You are locked in a theatre which has been time bombed. You have to find and defuse the bomb.
  • Lockout
    You are convicted of a crime and are in jail. The jailer is away for an hour and you have to escape the jail.
  • Cabin In The Woods
    With villagers being mysteriously murdered in the woods, you must help them and uncover the reason behind it.
  • Abduction
    You are kidnapped by a terrorist organisation to blackmail the president for your release. You have to escape before the president compromises.

    Mystery rooms ludhiana post image 1

    The different themes for Mystery Rooms. Each theme unfolds a different mystery

    Solving the mystery man!

    Once you choose the theme, you have to locate and crack the clues to solve the mystery. It’s one hour of pure fun involving some brain racking, shouting, and adrenaline rush. We guarantee you will keep going back to win all levels.

    Who do you take along?

    It’s best enjoyed with your gang of friends, cousins and family. Do bring logic and presence of mind though. You can play as a team ranging from 2 to 8 players; 2 being the minimum and 8 being the maximum.

    Mystery rooms ludhiana post image 2

    The cheerful winner with their medals

    Pricing:  Rs 500-1000 per person (depending on the people and day of the week)
    For more info visit here. You can book your slots online at


    Avoid if you are claustrophobic.
    Go a little before appointment time as your phone & personal belongings have to be put in a locker.
    Don’t take small kids as some themes are played out in dark rooms with scary noises.
    Wear anything comfortable.

    Contact Details: +91 7347660798
    Address:Mystery Rooms Ludhiana