If you are a shoe addict, your collection is incomplete without Mend, a cruelty-free comfortable, functional, footwear brand with a blend of Indian sensibilities.

The Story behind Mend

Gunjan Narayanan, the brains behind Mend, came up with the idea of creating comfortable footwear while on a trip down south. Discovering the unknown lanes of a new place, she realized the need to create comfortable cushy footwear for the modern nomad.

Her 3 fold vision is what makes the footwear so boho.

First, the designs are inspired by Indian elements like a ticket collector’s wallet (something she came across while traveling on a local bus in Kerala), Goan sunrises. Go through their collection and you find traces inspired by the obvious – art, culture, history, architecture, and adventure.

Second, comes the comfort factor. Now we all know the hassles of wearing flats all the time. It starts hurting our feet. They recognized this gap for comfortable footwear and added a 6mm cushioning, whilst customizing the shape and material of the sole.

Third is the everlasting quality and ethical craft appreciation of the artisans ( local cobbler community) who handcraft these products and deserve all the never received applause for the talent they possess.

At present, Mend works significantly with 3 communities – they source traditional and sustainable fabrics/materials from skilled weavers, collaborate with hand-embroiders who bring their vision to life, and a small group of shoemakers who hand-cut and craft limited batches of our designs.
As they grow, they hope to collaborate and support many more artisanal communities pan India.

Vocal For Local

Travel is a huge part of who they are. Combining their love for travel with #vocalforlocal, they source raw material from local
shops and villages they come across during their travels – handwoven Jute comes from Chennai, Mashru – a blend of cotton and silk comes from Gujarat, the cane is sourced from Orissa – the list is endless and they intend to keep it growing.

Why We Recommend It

They use Sustainable materials, and all their flats are handmade by skilled artisans. Not to forget the 6mm cushioning. Our personal favorites? Their Pan Batua and Nimbu sliders. Even Sanya Malhotra loves them!

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To shop, DM them on their Instagram @mend_studio