Makeup is tricky business, which is why we trust a makeup artist with our look when it comes to milestones. There’s nothing worse than spending a bomb on makeup and then washing it off because it wasn’t what we wanted. Here are 9 tips for getting your makeup professionally done. Follow these the next time you work with a makeup artist. Trust us you’ll never be disappointed:

  •  Have a ready reference image

Keep a reference image ready to show to the artist, for the look that you have in mind. This will give perfect direction to work.

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  • Communicate

Be very specific about what you want and discuss with the artist your features in depth. Feel free to talk about your choices like what tones you like in eyeshadows or your preference of dark or light lip shades.

9 tips before you go to a makeup artist

  •  Prep your skin

We can’t lay enough stress on moisturising and prepping your skin. Before you arrive for your appointment, moisturise your skin, especially if you have sensitive skin. Different skin types require different kinds of prepping and who knows your skin better than you.

9 tips before you go to a makeup artist

  • Remove all specks of makeup before the appointment

Don’t wear makeup before the appointment. Even if you are coming straight from another function, remove all specks of makeup. It will just save time and most importantly your skin will be all prepared to carry makeup again.

  • Dress right

Wear a zipper, buttoned shirt or a bathrobe so that when you change into your outfit after getting makeup done, your look remains intact.
9 tips before you go to a makeup artist

  • False lashes are magic

Never say no to false lashes. You can definitely take your pick between natural or intense lashes but these lashes make a huge difference to your look, especially in photos.

  • Listen and trust

Listen to the artist’s advice. She’s a professional and it’s her responsibility to give you the perfect look. In case you don’t like something tell her, she will be happy to fix it the way you want.

  • No makeup look requires a lot of makeup

Don’t tell her to apply less just because you want to look natural. It takes a lot of makeup to give no makeup look. Just concentrate on the result rather than the procedure.
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  • Be realistic

Yes, it’s true a lot can be achieved with makeup but only up to an extent. Professionals can cover darkness and spots but only minimise age lines. They can weave magic but can’t change your face.
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