I don’t exactly remember the first time I met Sukriti. But what I do recall is that it was at a bloggers event organized by her in early 2019. The best part, it didn’t feel like I was meeting someone new. I felt I was meeting a friend. I should have understood then and there that she possesses a gift only PR people are gifted with. Cut to a month ago when we were discussing an upcoming assignment and she happened to mention how excited she was for 31st July as it marked the first anniversary of a huge milestone for her. Inquisitive, I asked her what the milestone was and once she spilled the beans I couldn’t help feel excited for her. So here we are on 31st July, sharing the milestone and the people attached to it but before we get to it let’s give you a little background to what led to it.

So once we started talking, I realized I had no idea of when and how she started Penumbra Media ( that’s the name of her PR agency) and started quizzing her on the same ( I am very curious like that ).

Sukriti introduced her baby, Penumbra Media, to the world on 9th September 2017 with the inauguration of Dastkari, an ethnic clothing store in Gurdev Nagar.

Over the next two years, Sukriti’s name became synonymous with every promotional event happening in the city, be it a store launch, a lifestyle exhibition showcasing brands from Pan India, or a national designer exhibiting her apparel.

Guess who brought the culture of pre-event promotions, unique invitation hampers and innovative press meets to the city? Penumbra

The influencer culture has picked up immensely in Ludhiana over the last two years and I am sure a lot of them would agree with me that it has a lot to do with the right kind of PR services now available in Ludhiana and Penumbra has a lot to do with it.

It was during one such event done by her for an elite bridal exhibition that we connected. Coming from a PR background I was amazed to see how nonchalantly she was practically bringing new-age PR to Ludhiana while making clients understand the difference between PR and marketing.

So coming back to our telephonic conversation when I asked her what was the most exciting project she had worked on, pat came the reply, ‘arey this is why 31st July 2019 is such a big celebration for me. Penumbra organized its 100th event in less than two years of its inception.

The 100th event celebration

And what a milestone event it was! Not to forget life-changing and a huge learning experience.’

How I asked and this is what she told me. Known as the Khvaabiida fashion show where Malaika Arora was the show stopper, the event garnered a lot of publicity.

The surprising part Is that the project wasn’t started from scratch by her but she sort of came aboard a sinking ship when only a month was left to the event. From sorting the venue, getting sponsors, the show stopper, organizing a pre-event, with enough buzz intact to get the show almost houseful on the day of the event was a mammoth task that was successfully accomplished. They say it takes a village to raise a baby and to make this baby a success Sukriti had a headstrong village who she adores. Talking about the support, Sukriti couldn’t stop raving about Tanu who Sukriti in her wildest dreams never thought of getting along when they first met. But fate had its plan. Sukriti was destined to help Tanu with this milestone event and these two are now thick as thieves.

One year later, Sukriti still doesn’t cease to amaze. Just yesterday she sent this beautiful album with my pictures and a personalized box. Now, this is what we call a personal touch.

Congratulations Sukriti! To many more milestones ahead cheers