Who are The Skinsmiths?

Just like Goldsmiths work to perfection on gold and precious metals, Skinsmiths understands your skin and its needs better than you and over a period of time help you achieve your #SkinGoals. Coming to our story, Gedhi Route discovered The Skinsmiths obviously while on a Gedhi at Malhar Road and it has now become our go-to spot for skin-care, haircuts, nail care, and everything else that’s got to do with pampering our skin and taking care of our tresses. For us it’s like our favorite coffee shop of salons where everyone knows your name, you’ve got a favourite skin-ista (a barista in the context of a salon), and coffee variations of your choice (hammam/ specialized luxurious facials / colour, cut/ French manicure). Did we mention that The Skinsmiths is the only beauty salon in Ludhiana / beauty parlor in Ludhiana ( in fact entire North India) to have Hammam?

The Skinsmiths Gedhi Route Ludhiana beauty salons in ludhiana

How Did We Get Started?

You know how people get massages or binge on their favorite food and shows to relax? Well, I get a hair wash. Actually a hair wash followed by a blow dry. I had just gone in to check out the place and the minute I laid my eyes on their totally reclining shampoo seats a.k.a The Throne, I knew it was love at first sight. What started off with an innocent blow dry was about to turn into a whirlwind romance…

The Skinsmiths Gedhi Route Ludhiana beauty salons in ludhiana

Within two months, I have gone to The Skinsmiths for a Casmara Gojiberry Facial ( even got Mom the same facial), my FIRST EVER Hammam Spa , Haircut and curls.

What has us Hooked?

For starters, it’s the vibe! The second you step in, you are hit by this uber luxe feel oozing out of the minimal white gold interiors. The multi-hued painting by Sukh Artz adds that much required dash of color and sophistication. And while you are still taking in the interiors , comes their ever smiling staff greeting you gleefully.

The Skinsmiths Gedhi Route Ludhiana beauty salons in ludhiana

Then comes the part when you decide what service you want to avail. What will impress you is how hands-on Swati, the proprietor of Skinsmiths, is with any service ( be it Hammam, Facial, hairstyling, mani-pedi) taking place. You aren’t made to feel like you’re taking too much time in making up your mind, and you can have a conversation with her ( in case she is there) about work, life, hair, and everything else while the staff is at it.

The Skinsmiths Gedhi Route Ludhiana beauty salons in ludhiana
The Nail Area

Last but not the least, comes the biggest brownie point – The Experience of Skinsmiths. Let me elaborate on mine:

Casmara Gojiberry Facial

Whenever you choose to go with skincare, the first step is in-depth Skin Analysis. My skin was thoroughly analyzed under a magnifying glass. Unlike other salons where the staff focuses on pointing out flaws and recommend umpteen number of treatments , the staff here was extremely polite and complimented me on the health of my skin and suggested a few services that could enhance it. Upon Swati and Tanya’s (she did my facial and I’d highly recommend you ask for her in case you want one) suggestion I went ahead with Casmara’s Gojiberry Facial. With real Goji Berry and Quinoa Seed extracts, the facial helps in skin renewal.

As far as results are concerned, I was glowing and how! Infact, the last step to my facial was an Algae Peel-Off Gojiberry mask – This mask was applied over the eyes and on the lips which treated areas neglected by other masks. It even helped in reducing puffiness and dark circles under the eyes. The peel came off perfectly so the kind people at The Skinsmiths packed it in a doggy bag along with a hydration ampoule to be reused for longer effects in other 3 days. All I had to do was refrigerate it and apply the ampoule before putting on the mask for 15 minutes for a quick fresh look.

Moving on to the experience, the facial rooms have a very soothing & warm vibe – fragrant with aroma oils, unplugged music playing in the background, with blankets laid out on the facial bed – very essential for people like me who get chilly real quick. The Casmara products were laid out for me to see. The hour long facial worked wonders not just for my skin but it helped me relax a lot!

The Skinsmiths Gedhi Route Ludhiana beauty salons in ludhiana
Sans any filters!


My next appointment had me pretty excited. I had never taken a Hammam Spa ever (mainly because it isn’t anywhere in North India) . Swati’s main purpose for starting The Skinsmiths was introducing the magic of Hammam to us mortals in Ludhiana. She had been raving about it and I just couldn’t wait to try it, but before I dwell on my experience let me tell you what Hammam really is…

What is a Hammam?

A Hammam or Turkish bath is a soft and relaxing heat cleansing therapy, unlike the intensity of a sauna and a celebration of the ritual of cleansing and relaxation. Hammam means “to heat” and draws on the benefits of steam and sweat which carries toxins from the bodies, and opens up the pores and the mind. 

The Skinsmiths Gedhi Route Ludhiana beauty salons in ludhiana

There are five stages to the Hammam:

1. Seasoning of the body with heat

2. Application of Soapy Paste

3. Vigorous Massage Peeling off the dirt and dead skin

4. Shower

5. Relaxation


In one word – Prodigious!

It started with being served Mint Green Tea half an hour before my Hammam. They have personal lockers to keep your stuff – bags, shoes, clothes and phones, the key to which will be with you even in the Hammam.

After changing into the Hammam disposable wear, I stepped into the extra-hot steam room with a stone bed to open the pores; in 40 minutes my skin was ready. I was then lathered in olive oil–based black soap and scrubbed with the traditional towel glove to remove dead skin; and finally took a shower in cold water and what an invigorating finish it was. The result? Silky-smooth skin, radiant face and a never before experienced light-weighted refreshed feeling. The entire process took about 1 hour 50 minutes and was followed by another cup of green tea for more antioxidants. The compliments that I got the minute I stepped out of the room, were just cherry on the top.

The Skinsmiths Gedhi Route Ludhiana beauty salons in ludhiana

Followed by a complimentary hair wash ( after staying in a steam room for 2 hours, you really need one), the whole Hammam process makes you feel anew and 10 kgs lighter ( seriously ). Can’t wait for my next Hammam session!

#GedhiTip – You must get one close to your wedding or an anniversary. In fact Bridesmaids, it can make for a great gift for the to-be bride. Also, the process takes up to 2 hours and you need to book an appointment at least two days prior to when you plan to get it.
P.S. – Don’t get yourself waxed two days before or after the Hammam.

Hair Care

When it comes to hair services, people always prefer to be heard out and not have the stylists opinions forced on them. At The Skinsmiths you’ll always be advised on what your hair really needs – change of products, treatment or just a hair spa but it’ll never be forced on you. It’s actually the experience that takes you back to the spa.

The Skinsmiths Gedhi Route Ludhiana beauty salons in ludhiana

The hair section is separate – one of its kind in Ludhiana. The flat reclining shampoo seats, leather luxe seats at the hairdressing section with state of the art equipment and full-size mirrors. In fact, the grooming seat for men will actually remind you of an old school barber chair now equipped with modern features. The stylists are very adept – be it hair styling or coloring! While you are enjoying the blow-dry, sip on some hot coffee and nibble on the most delicious cookies ( we are yet to know where Skinsmiths gets it from)

We are yet to try other services at The Skinsmiths, but we highly recommend Hammam, Facials, Hair cut, and styling.

So Who Is It For?

Anyone and everyone who is looking for a luxurious beauty experience ( for regular services – waxing, threading, hair cut, facials) without it reflecting too much on your pocket. For Hammam, you might have to spend a tad bit but it’s worth every penny plus they have a 50% off offer on Thursday, which make it totally affordable.
I am going back for more, what about you?

Where: First Floor, 39, Malhar Cinema Rd, F-Block, Sarabha Nagar, Ludhiana

Contact Number : 98154 66677

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