Weddings are not just about exquisite décor ideas, designer wear and creative food stalls anymore. It’s about larger than life feels and more drama, making it a memorable experience for all, etching the wedding in the minds of all, FOREVER! It’s called the ‘Big Fat Indian Wedding‘ for a reason, you see! Whether you have a close knit wedding, or a mega blockbuster shadi- the bride & groom entry is something that every guest looks forward to. After all, it’s the couple’s first entrance together and it has to be GRAND. And this Bride & Groom entry idea by Insomnia Events in Ludhiana is a must for every wedding.

The Entrance of a Lifetime

We recently attended this magnum opus wedding. What really caught our eyes and heart was the dramatic entrance of the Bride & Groom to a 3-D mapped backdrop on enigmatic themes and the music, it was oh-so-grand! Now we have had our share of fairytale carriage entrances, segway arrivals but this entrance has taken things up a notch and how! Set over a royal venue in Ludhiana, the 3-D mapping entrance added such a sensational vibe. The hosts knew what a hoot the 3-D mapping was, which is why after the grand entrance, it was used as a live background for the celebrity DJ playing at the wedding! Don’t believe us?? Well, see it to believe and relive it !!

Conceptualized and provided by: Insomnia Events

For more information on 3-D mapping or to get this concept for your wedding, contact Insomnia Events at +91 9803800020 or check them out on Facebook.

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