While scientifically we are still trying to figure whether the chicken came first or the egg, on a gastronomic level we are more than thankful for them both. Funda or no funda, but Anda, being the versatile ingredient that it is, rules our heart and taste buds. Here’s a list of places that serve the best egg dishes in Ludhiana at your behest!

  • ह-tea The Tea Hut

    ह-tea The Tea Hut came as a blessing to us, giving us Ludhiana’s first Tea Bar. Like we all know, they have this amazing outdoor space and a wide menu. The most unexplored item on their menu happens to be ‘Eggs’. And they egg-cel in them as well. Our favorites are Egg Ghotala, ManSingh Ishpecial and Obama Omelette. The plating and the portion size will blow your mind away. Topped with their Masala Chai, the egg dishes become irresistible. This is our latest addition to the list of this egg-stacy fix.

    Address: D 37, Church Road, Sarabha Nagar, Ludhiana, Punjab 141001
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  • Nik Bakers

    Known for their all day breakfast, Nik Bakers serves some amazing omelettes and egg sandwiches. However, our favourites have to be their Indian style veggie omelette, sunny side up and the smoked chicken and egg sandwich. Healthy and delectable, these dishes will definitely satiate your hunger for eggs.
    Address: Nik Bakers
    Contact No: 0161 5062208

  • Bistro Flamme Bois

    A great place to throw caution to the wind and enjoy, Bistro Flamme Bois serves a delicious spread of eggs with bacon, sausages, grilled tomatoes, fries, buttered toast called ‘For Meat Lovers’. And when you aren’t in a ‘hangry’ mood but still go weak at the mere mention of eggs then the Spanish flat omelette stuffed with potatoes, tomatoes, onions, Olives and parmesan cheese makes for a mean meal.
    Address: Bistro Flamme Bois
    Contact No:7837771000

  • The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf

    If you are looking for a variety when it comes to eggs then this coffee shop is the place to be. From boiled, fried eggs to omelettes they have everything. Don’t give their ham & cheese omelette a miss! And not ordering coffee here would be a sin.
    Address: The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf
    Contact No: 0161 4662285

  • Diet saga by Sania Gupta

    How can the menu of this niche cafe, which is trying to promote a healthy eating culture in Ludhiana lack eggs? The specialty chefs can whip up any egg of your choice be it a flat greek omelette or just scrambled eggs. All of that combined with a plethora of healthy teas and fresh raw juices just completes the meal.
    Address: Diet Saga
    Contact No: +91 8284860452

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Spinach & Ricotta Cheese Masala Omelette with Spinach Dip at the Diet Saga is a must have

  • Colonial Café

    This place serves ‘Frittatas’!!! Nothing can satiate one’s desire for eggs like a fluffy Frittata which is basically a baked italian omelette and tastes like heaven. Though the breakfast menu is very similar to other places in the city, what sets the preparation apart is its lightness and freshness.
    Address: Colonial Café
    Contact No:+91 8566003688

  • The Small World Cafe

    Bun Omelette has to be your best bet here. The name says it all – it is a classic Bombay bun
    omelette served with fried potatoes and salad. Pick from other egg creations like Jalapeno Masala Omelette, Chicken & Cheese Omelette, Egg white & mushroom omelette. Perfect for an evening snack after that strenuous shopping trip at the silver arc mall.
    Address: The Small World Cafe
    Contact No: 0161 3040041

Picture Courtesy: Diet Saga by Sania Gupta

*Information subject to change at the discretion of the restaurant 


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