Cookies, the mere mention of the word puts a huge smile on our face. We all look for places to dig in yummy cookies (Subway and Café Coffee Day have always been our favourites, since time immemorial) irrespective of our age bar. So we went on every possible Gedhi Route and made a list of  most delectable cookies in Ludhiana: from classic cookies to biscottis, we have it all here:

  1. Pixie’s Bakehouse at Bake & Grill

    Situated at one of the busiest areas of the city, this blink and you miss it café has some crunchy and delectable cookies to offer. You might find yourself confused on whether to pick up the honey oat, multi-grain, almond, jeera or the coconut cashew. Heads up – it will be difficult to refrain yourself from finishing the entire packet.
    Must Order: Honey Oat
    Price:  ₹ 400 for a kg
    Address: Bake & Grill

    Cookies in Ludhiana Bake N Grill Post image 1

    The honey oat cookies are extremely filling and make for a handy healthy snack

  2. Nik Bakers

    Famous for their baked goods, Nik Bakers serves some groundbreaking cookies. For the health conscious squad, they have  Multigrain, Sugar-free almond and oat cookies. And for those of us who worship the land of desserts, they have yummilicious Choco-chip cookies and Italian biscotti. Grab a pack of their assorted cookies to savour the taste of all aforementioned crumbles.
    Must Order: Assorted cookies
    Price: Half kg for ₹600, gift pack ₹795 half kg
    Address: Nik Bakers

  3. Cake Square

    Cake Square, as the name suggests is known for its sinful and unconventional cakes. But there’s another thing which makes the place quite a hit– cookies. They have a lot of options to offer and all of them are delectable- French Heart, Peanut butter, Red Velvet are a few of them. Pair them up with a cup of chai to taste a bit of sweet heaven.
    Must Order: Red Velvet cookies for their gooey, red velvety yet crunchy taste.
    Price: ₹ 150 for a box
    Address: Pakhowal Road/ Sarabha Nagar

    Cookies in Ludhiana cake square post image 3

    The Red Velvet cookies are gooey and crunchy. What a combination!

  4. Cakes & Coffee

    If you like to go on coffee dates (with your Bae or your book), then this place is your haven. Our all-time favourite from this place is Cornflakes cookie. The Paper cookie is crunchy, crispy and adds the perfect dose of sweetness to your coffee. And for those of you with the salty tooth, there is Methi, Jeera, and Ajwain to cater to your taste buds.
    Must Order: Cornflake and paper cookie
    Price:  ₹ 180 plus taxes for a box
    Address: Cakes & Coffee

  5. Place of Origin

    Think of the iconic Cherry Swiss cookies from Flurys, the authentic Shrewsbury biscuit from Pune and you can have them within a week of ordering, courtesy the Place of Origin which delivers famous snacks from all over India to your doorstep. With 25 other brands to choose from for cookies and biscuits, this website by Craftsvilla is a find!
    Must Order: Cookies from Flurys
    Price – Approx ₹ 400 plus shipping charges.
    You can place your order here.

Picture Courtesy: Bake N Grill, Place of Origin Instagram