Dear Parents,
Let’s break the monotony of age-old dancing and painting classes!

Kids these days are yielding all kinds of fun and intellect with these exciting after school activities in Ludhiana! Gedhi Route gives you a list of 5 unique activities that you need to consider now:

  • Kumon

    Kumon has been helping millions of children excel in Maths and English globally, for more than 60 years now. They believe in “self-learning” which means no teacher, no textbook, and no blackboard. Students learn through solving worksheets. Trained Instructors and Centre staff timely assist and guide them.
    Each child progresses at his own pace, students in Class 1 could be solving problems corresponding to Class 4 math and so on. Thus the kids sharpen their analytical and comprehension skills. Psst…They take enrolments throughout the year.

    Address: Kumon, Ludhiana
    Contact:  +91 9501778100


  • Sanjay Karate School

    Apart from enhancing physical ability, karate strengthens mental agility. Sanjay Karate School imparts general training in karate, along with inculcating discipline. They go an extra mile to motivate the kids by giving the mothers a check sheet listing daily chores like homework, helping around the house etc. If a student’s sheet reads all the checks he/she becomes the star student of the month.
    Address: Sanjay Karate School
    Phone: +91 8054999118
    Age group– starts at 3.5

    Extra curricular for kids sanjay karate class post image 1

    Kids at the Sanjay Karate School upon completion of their level.

  • Steady steps

    This preschool turns into an activity centre in the evenings. Innovative activities catering to different age groups are carried out to make education purposeful. The numerous activities are listed below:

    Mother- Toddler programs for kids aged between 6 months – 2 years old before they step on to Pre-nursery and Nursery.
    For 4-14years old 
    The Speech n Drama – Certified by Trinity College London is designed to encourage the progressive development of integrated performance and communication skills over time.
    Address: Steady Steps
    Phone: +91 8968854459

Extra curricular for kids steady steps post image 2

A glimpse of the speech and drama class at steady steps

  • The Learning Café

    The Learning Cafe with its bundle of activities helps in the holistic development of your child – Language Enhancement (World of Idioms & Spelling Bee), Geographic knowledge (Around the World), Astronomy (The Mysteries of Space), Art, Etiquettes, Calligraphy, Dance (Ballet, Zumba, Classical, Salsa etc), Musical Instruments, Sports, Chess and a lot more… They just concluded an exciting summer camp. For further activities, you can check out their Facebook Page.
    Address: 65 Modi Enclave, Barewal Road, (opp. Grandwalk Mall), Ludhiana
    Contact: +91 9815133388

    Extra curricular activities for kids the learning cafe

    Look, how keenly the kids are participating in the on going activity!

  • French and Spanish Classes

    In today’s day and age, learning at least one foreign language has become a norm. In fact it is easier for a child to grasp a new language as compared to an adult. The Learning Link offers French & Spanish and teaches it in a fun and exciting environment through unique methodology.
    Address: D-12, South City
    Contact: Ashna Aggarwal Kochhar +91 9216420935

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Team Gedhi Route!